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Fear the Wolves Arrives on Steam Early Access Beginning August 28

It looks like everywhere you look, you’ll find the word “Battle Royale” added to a lot of games. Because of the prevalence of PUBG along with Fortnite, everyone wants a piece of the action. Focus Home Interactive along with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Experts at Vostok Games have announced that Fear the Wolves, the Battle Royale FPS, will enter Steam Early Access on August 2. Apparently, all of previous issues which were hindering the game have been ironed out, according to the press release at least.

Fear the Wolves, if you didn’t understand, is a last-man-standing with PvE components. Throughout the game-play, you’ll find dynamic weather plus a day-night cycle, so players need to adopt this element in their game with higher consciousness.  It also offers exceptional radiation and endgame extraction mechanisms.

Fear the Wolves will enter Early Accessibility with an additional six months of development and testing from closed beta with Vostok Games promising routine, big content stains, with a full plan of this upgrade deadline during evolution. They also have asked the neighborhood provide them just as much feedback as they can in helping to make the game run as smoothly as you can.

With a new map, mode, more weapons, things, mutants, and dynamic weather it really does seem like Vostok are doing their utmost to earn Fear the Wolves as swiftly as possible.  Fear the Wolves will come to PC on Steam Early accessibility August 28, together with consoles and Complete PC release to accompany in 2019. You can watch the Fear The Wolves Gamescon 2018 release date trailer below. Enjoy.

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