Madden NFL 24 Video Review

Madden NFL 24 reviewed by Wil Borger on PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Note: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Madden 24 do not have the same features.

“Madden NFL 24 makes several much-needed improvements to the on-field experience thanks to fantastic additions to animations and AI, but it still suffers from the same problems it always has once you get off the field: everything here is just done better in every other sports sim, even the other ones made by EA, and this year’s tweaks just aren’t enough to make up for the series’ continued feeling of sameness and lack of progress. To continue the metaphor, Madden feels like a decent but not great football team: content to coast. If it were in the right division I could see it sneaking into the playoffs, or overperforming in a good year. But it’s the kind of team that typically gets eliminated in the first round. The on-field game might be the best it’s ever been, but there are too many off-field issues here to ignore, and with each passing year it feels more and more like they’ll never be fixed. Perpetually, Madden seems like it could be a contender with time and the right changes, but right now it feels like an also-ran. And you don’t win the Super Bowl like that.”

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