Nvidia Announces GeForce RTX 20 Series Coming This September

Today at the Nvidia keynote in Cologne, Germany, the tech company revealed its newest set of consumer GPU models, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 series.

There are 3 variants of the GeForce RTX. The very first is the RTX 2070 which produces 6 Giga Rays each minute, 45 trillion RTX-OPS, and 8 GB frame buffer. Finally, the RTX 2080 Ti boasts 10 Giga Rays per minute, 78 RTX-OPS, and 11 GB frame buffer.

The RTX 2070 will cost $499, the RTX 2080 will charge $699, and the RTX 2080 Ti will charge $999. Preorders for your cards start today and will soon be on store shelves September 20, 2018.

At the keynote, the majority of the dialogue was centered around beam tracing technologies. This technology allows the GPU to mimic reflections and shadows making a more photo-realistic image onscreen. Games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro: Exodus, and Battlefield V showcased how this technology is executed by comparing a spectacle with RTX turned off and on.

Just last week in a Nvidia occasion at Siggraph 2018, the “planet ’s ray tracing GPU” was shown with the Quadro RTX family of cards with the cheapest being $2,300 and also the priciest in $10,000.

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