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A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal, Co-Op DLC, and Nintendo Switch Port Announced

For the past week, Cartoon programmer Gears for both Breakfast and writer Humble Bundle are teasing exciting statements to get A Hat in Time, also now we finally discovered exactly what these were.

For those who didn’t understand, A Hat in Time is a self-labeled “cute as heck” 3D platformer after Hat Kid as she intimidates the Time Pieces required to run her spaceship across many interesting worlds. The newest Seal the Deal DLC takes place on an Artic Cuise and contains Hat Kid investigating this intriguing locale for Time Pieces while socializing with quirky characters such as the ship’s captain. Six brand new time rifts have also been added, as have a ton of new outfits, flairs, dyes, and ribbons to customize Hat Kid with.

The most fascinating new badge is the Nostalgia Badge, making the game seem like it’s operating on Nintendo 64. A brand fresh Death Wish mode in Seal the Deal may also radically increase the game’therefore difficulty. Seal the Deal will soon be liberated to KickStarter backers and also to everyone on its launch day, but may then go up in price to $4.99. A Hat in Time may also be receiving co-op support on PC by means of a totally free DLC pack. The Seal the Deal along with the co-op DLC will launch on September 13.

Gears for Breakfast ended this demonstration by demonstrating that A Hat in Time would eventually be coming into Nintendo Switch. The developers previously mentioned that they couldn’t bring A Hat in Time to the Nintendo system as a result of technical difficulties, but it feels like the overwhelming fan outcry and the rampant success of this game enabled them to make A Hat in Time’s Nintendo Switch port a reality.

You can take a look at the entire presentation below.  A Hat in Time is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, although the Nintendo Switch variant of the game is “forthcoming shortly. ”

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